Shipping policy

Our Shipping Method

We primarily use U.S.P.S. (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail Service. This allows us to provide fast, secure, economical  shipping services. All of the shipments will have a tracking # and the recipient will receive an email at the time of shipment origination. USPS Priority has a guaranteed delivery within 2-3 days anywhere in the 48 continuous U.S.
We as suppliers will ship your product the most cost efficient way. If it fits, it ships for a flat fee. They are as follows:
Rate Shipping Options: 
Mini Orders = $5.45
Small Orders = $8.45   
Medium Orders = $12.45 
Large Orders  = $15.45 
(If your order will not fit in one of our boxes we will work to find you the best shipping rates)
➢ If you have your own shipping account with a preferred freight service,  please let us know and we can do 3rd party billing.
Handling Fee Policy: 
There will be a handling fee on stock orders of  $10. This helps cover shipping supplies, packaging labor and table top displays we give to each new vendor. This allows us to keep out product prices affordable. For fill in orders the handling fee will be discussed.