Organic Tagua Jewelry

We are the largest manufacturer of Tagua jewelry in the world. Our products are handmade in Ecuador with all natural materials, certified vegetable dyes, and superior craftsmanship. Join us in creating dignified jobs and empowering our Ecuadorian artisans.

Summer Earrings

Beautifully hand-crafted earrings inspired by the stunning beaches of Ecuador.
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Layered Bracelets

Mix and match different colors and shapes for a fun Tagua Fiesta
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At Organic Tagua Jewelry, we believe in the harmony between fashion and sustainability. By choosing our pieces, you're not only adorning yourself with exquisite jewelry but also supporting eco-friendly practices. Join us in celebrating the beauty of our planet through the art of jewelry-making. Explore our handcrafted creations today and let the beauty of nature adorn your world. Embrace the organic allure of our jewelry and make a statement that's as sustainable as it is stylish.

How Our Tagua Jewelry Is Made